The 4 Books That Are Changing My Life Right Now

Koen Verburg
4 min readFeb 15, 2023
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1. The 4 Hour Work Week

How automation and delegation can create less stress and gives back your time

Tim as a 4 step process on the 4 hour work week. Where you Define your rules, Eliminate time drains, Automate where possible and escape the office in Liberation. The New Rich are people that have control over their time and have Mini Retirements while their business is running on autopilot.

There are useful flow charts in the book to help you determine which tasks you can outsource or eliminate. This feels up your valuable time for other things like learning how to dance or learning a martial art like what Tim did.

The key takeaways from this book for me are time management. If you can automate a process through a VA or Software, and it will not cut into your profits, it's a yes, because it will save you time which can be used for other tasks.

Another lesson I learned from this book is that you shouldn't chase a lot of money, but rather define the lifestyle you want and calculate how much that lifestyle costs, and work towards that.

Your time is finite and worth so much more, it's a book that I will come back to for sure.

2. Happy, Sexy, Millionaire

How money doesn't always return happiness

Everyone wants to be rich. But at what cost? Steven tells his story in this book about his dream to become a millionaire, including his struggles and his emotions.

Happy is not about how you feel, it's about if you are living a fulfilling life.

Sexy is not about being attractive, it's about the pursuit of love, becoming loveable, and being a partner to someone else.

Being a Millionaire is mostly referred to as a benchmark and measurement of success. People don't want millions, they want to be successful in something that matters to them.

This book has taught me that money and fame are not always something that you want, instead, you want fulfillment, love, and success.

Pick up this book to continue to learn more about Steven's story.

3. The Manager's Path

How Manager roles in Tech actually work and what they include

I’m a Software Engineer by trade and got pushed into management. Which initially looked like a logical step for me in my career. However, I ended up doing more people management and putting out our fires rather than working on the product and making cool stuff.

This book taught me what the role of a manager can look like, and how it's never supposed to be a full-time role. It's extra responsibility to manage and coach someone.

Due to my burnout at the beginning of 2021, I said to myself I’m never going to be a manager due to the stress it gave me. After reading this book and the insides it gave on being a line manager and managing people and teams, I might reconsider being a manager again, when the time is right of course.

The book also goes over being a Tech Lead, managing people, managing teams, and even Executive roles.

If you consider becoming a manager in tech, it's worth the read, and even my manager and her manager refer back to this book once in a while.

4. Sell it like Serhant

A book about how hard work and consistency can make you the best in the business, The writer Ryan Serhant a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate against and Broker in New York

Ryan is a sales machine, in his book he talks about crazy deals he makes as a real estate agent and now also as a broker.

His determination and his mindset to keep going is such a motivator. If you read the book, you will know.

Ryan has used a couple of things over the years to get where he is today. Using fear to drive success, it's a very award situation to have your card get declined when getting groceries, for example. And that situation should power you to never have that situation ever again. The judgment of the cashier or other people in the line, never again!

Saying yes will give you more leads, which results in a bigger network and thus more sales and more referral business.

The art of following up, following through, and following back. An example that Ryan gives here is that he did cold calling in his early career and got the email address of a person, every week he would send out emails with new listings. Years go by, and he never skipped a week without sending an email. One day he gets a phone call from that person and sells a house.

A sale or breakthrough might not happen straight away, but with consistency, the chances are higher.

Staying consistent in what you do is my takeaway from this book.

Continue with Ryan’s story and let me in the comments what your takeaway is.

Other books I want to start reading this year

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